PSD Signal Processing System

Part number: SE-0018

Description: SEEPOS

The SiTek SEEPOS is a versatile PSD signal processing tool optimized for development of PSD systems. High speed PSD electronics combined with digital signal processing and high speed USB data transfer gives a powerful measurement system. With its large dynamic range it can handle light powers from nW to mW from DC light sources as well as modulated light sources.

All parameters, such as PSD bias voltage, amplifier gain, the use of analog and digital filters etc., are easily controlled from the included software and light spot position is continuously displayed both XY and X-t, Y-t graphs. Optimized plot algorithms ensure that all data is visually seen on the screen even in full speed measurements. Included tools for data analysis and visualization simplify scan through large data sets in order to find specific parts of interest.

SEEPOS graph

Technical Specification



Input photo current range

Pre amplifier gain

PSD bias voltage

HP-filter cutoff frequency

50 nA - 5 mA

1000 V/A, 50 000 V/A

0-30 V (continuously variable)

150 Hz (on/off)


A/D conversion

Sampling frequency

Light source trigger frequency (TTL)

Computer interface

16 bit

1MHz (parallel)

DC - 250 kHz



External light source frequency (TTL)

PSD interface

Dimensions W x H x L

DC - 100 kHz


0-30 V (continuously variable)



Key Features

  • Extremely versatile - all important parameters are easily adjusted.
  • Highest performance - 16 bit A/D conversion at 1 MHz and full speed USB data transfer.
  • User friendly intuitive interlace based on LabView
  • Suitable for all users - Easy set-up and advanced analyzing functions included

Example of Applications

  • Development measurements
  • Beam alignment
  • Optical system quality control
  • Monitoring of vibration deflection and motion
  • Target rotation and displacement
  • Fast steering mirror measurement