Laser Alignment And Position Sensing Technology

Laser Alignment Equipment

Who ON-TRAK Photonics Is And What We Can Do For You

ON-TRAK Photonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of laser alignment measurement equipment based on position sensing detector (PSD) technology. The company was founded in 1991 to meet the increasing demand for high quality products in the emerging technology of non-contact measurement of position, distance, motion, and vibration. This section explains exactly what laser alignment is, how this measurement technology works and how we can come in and design and develop a custom application for your business.

Laser Alignment Capabilities Include:

  • The ability for measurement of X,Y deviations from a reference line over distances of up to 300 feet, with a clear, digitally accurate resolution up to 0.0001"
  • The ability for measurement of a rotating plane of laser light over distances of 100 feet, with a clear, digitally accurate resolution up to 0.0001"
  • Options for computerized control and data recording of the laser alignment data received
  • Real time operation and feedback for quick re-engineering adjustment to be made in manufacturing environments

Position Sensing Detector Capabilities Include:

  • The full support of ON-TRAK Photonics Corporation, who is the exclusive North American distributor for the world's leading Position Sensing Detector (PSD) manufacturer, Sitek Electro-Optics
  • Your assurance of receiving only the best line of leading-edge, high-performance, low cost amplifiers and position sensing modules on the market today
  • Close collaboration and partnering with all of our clients to develop custom capabilities for OEM applications for their particular applications

Laser Alignment Applications Include:

  • Quality control for robots used in manufacturing processes: for example car engine assembly and any other robotic manufacturing process
  • Examination of road surface wear and the measurement of roughness, cracking and rut depth to ensure road safety and efficient road maintenance
  • Quality control in high-technology manufacturing. In just one example, early quality control of printed circuit boards by laser alignment results in only correctly printed circuit boards to continue in the production process and allows for the recycling of incorrectly printed boards
  • Optimum alignment of logs on a veneer lathe which allows for the production of ten to fifteen percent more high-quality veneer, per production run

Why Go With On-Trak?

When your engineering, research or manufacturing process requires precise, mission-critical measurements over long distances, laser alignment makes these measurements quicker, easier, safer and more accurate, revolutionizing your production or research processes.

On-Trak Photonics' laser alignment technology has long been used in Boeing's aircraft manufacturing process, in applications such as wing assembly, fuselage assembly, stow bin alignment, hinge alignment and seat track alignment. Of course, in this situation accuracy is critical, and laser alignment allows incredibly precise measurements over long distances. However, laser alignment technology and On-Trak's products are finding numerous new applications in varied fields of engineering, which can revolutionize production and research processes.

In just one other example, On-Trak's laser alignment technology is being used in the alignment of the shafts and struts that make up the propeller system of aircraft carriers for the United States Navy. Each of the shafts that drive a carrier's propellers have to be supported on struts and absolutely must be aligned precisely to allow the power of the massive engines to be transferred to the propellers without vibration. Without proper alignment, there will be excessive vibration, eventually leading to engine damage and failure, as well as the engines not being able to work efficiently.

Before the use of laser alignment, this process involved the men making manual measurements from a piece of thin piano wire strung along the length of the shaft. However, as the shafts are 100 yards long, the wire sagged as it ran along the shaft, and the team had to compensate for this by methods such as welding special supporting bars to the floor of the drydock to hold the wire level. Manual measurements were then taken from this wire, in a laborious process involving workers using ladders, protractors, plumb lines and spirit levels to take the measurements necessary for complex calculations to be made to ascertain the shaft's alignment.

The whole process used to be complex, costly and time consuming and it would have to be done extremely carefully in order to produce accurate enough measurements in order to proceed with production.

The laser alignment system eliminates the need for the wire and manual measurements and calculations, making the alignment process much faster and less labor intensive, as well as more accurate, cheaper and safer for the shipbuilders, as the need for welding bars and climbing ladders to take measurements has been eliminated.

If the nature of your business demands precision alignment in your engineering process, you can benefit from precision laser alignment technology. Don't hesitate to call us today to find out how we can help. On-Trak Photonics is dedicated to working with our clients to develop any type of customize laser alignment systems for each client's particular requirements. If you are involved in any production or research process involving extremely accurate, long distance measuring, it's highly likely that laser alignment could improve accuracy and efficiency, even if you do not currently perceive a problem with your current techniques.

Since laser alignment allows such rapid measuring, it dramatically cuts the man-hours and number of workers needed for making these measurements and your investment in a laser alignment system will quickly pay dividends and a major return on investment. Because laser alignment systems display digital results, much of the potential for human error is removed. As the measurements are more accurate, the quality of your builds or research will be increased as your measurements become much more accurate and reliable.

On-Trak Photonics is here to provide you with the ideal laser alignment system for your particular application. We'd love to talk to you and demonstrate the benefits that laser alignment can bring to your production or research process. We know that once you realize the possibilities of laser alignment, you'll wonder how you designed, researched or manufactured without it for so long. Give us a call today and you'll be on your way to faster, more accurate measuring!