PSM Series Position Sensing Modules. Plug-And-Play Precision.

Position Sensing Modules


  • Fully Packaged Position Sensing Detectors
  • Silicon Linear : 400-1100 nm
    Silicon Duolateral : 400-1100 nm
    Silicon Quadrant : 400-1100 nm
    Germanium Tetra-Lateral : 800-1800 nm
  • Removable Filter Holder Adapter
  • Standard Mounting Holes
  • Plug and Play Compatibility with all ON-TRAK Position Sensing Amplifiers

On-Trak Position Sensing Modules are fully packaged position sensing detectors that, when used with an On-Trak position sensing amplifier, provide an analog output directly proportional to the position of a light spot on the detector active area. Yet, what truly sets them apart is their proprietary, plug-and-play design. Never has position sensing been so convenient...or accurate.

Finally, A Plug-And-Play Solution.

No more hassling with breadboards, soldering, cutting and wiring. Instead, all On-Trak Positron Sensing Modules (PSMs) incorporate a subminiature 9-pin connector that plugs directly into any On-Trak Position Sensing Amplifier. Just plug it in and go. It's that simple.

Single, Duolateral, Quadrant.

Select from several distinct configurations; each module contains a linear, duolateral, tetralateral, or quadrant position sensing detector. All modules are conveniently packaged to allow simultaneous monitoring of position and light intensity.

Position Sensing Modules come in two package sizes: Standard and Compact. The standard measures 2.8" x 2.45" x 1.125". The compact measures 1.25" x 1.25" x 0.975".

Filters And Filter Holder Adapters.

Harsh ambient lighting conditions? No problem. Each module readily accepts a complete range of optional filters to reduce the effect of noise caused by ambient light. Moreover, a filter holder is included with each module at no extra cost.

Standard Mounting Holes.

All PSMs feature standard mounting holes for easy mounting with your existing lab equipment. Whether your post and stands are 1/4 - 20 or 8/32, you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Robust Aluminum Housings.

On-Trak Position Sensing Modules are encased in rugged aluminum housings to protect your investment.

ModelActive Area (mm)Detector TypeWavelength RangePackage TypeTyp. ResolutionTyp. Linearity
PSM 1-2.52.5 x 0.6Linear Silicon400-1100 nmCompact62.5 nm0.1%
PSM 1-55.0 x 1.0Linear Silicon400-1100 nmCompact125 nm0.1%
PSM 1-1010.0 x 2.0Linear Silicon400-1100 nmStandard250 nm0.1%
PSM 1-2020.0 x 3.0Linear Silicon400-1100 nmStandard500 nm0.1%
PSM 1-3030.0 x 4.0Linear Silicon400-1100 nmStandard750 nm0.1%
PSM 2-22.0 x 2.0Duolateral Silicon400-1100 nmCompact50 nm0.3%
PSM 2-3I 3.0 x 3.0 Quadrant InGaAs 900-1700 nm Compact 100 nm N/A*
PSM 2-44.0 x 4.0Duolateral Silicon400-1100 nmCompact100 nm0.3%
PSM 2-4Q4.0 x 4.0Quadrant Silicon400-1100 nmCompact100 nmN/A*
PSM 2-5G5.0 x 5.0Pincushion Tetralateral Germanium800-1800 nmCompact5 μm-
PSM 2-1010.0 x 10.0Duolateral Silicon400-1100 nmStandard250 nm0.3%
PSM 2-10Q9.0 x 9.0Quadrant Silicon400-1100 nmStandard100 nmN/A*
PSM 2-10G10.0 x 10.0Pincushion Tetralateral Germanium800-1800 nmStandard5 μm-
PSM 2-2020.0 x 20.0Duolateral Silicon400-1100 nmStandard500 nm0.3%
PSM 2-4545.0 x 45.0Duolateral Silicon400-1100 nmStandard1.25 μm0.3%
* For nulling applications

PSM Accessories

Model Description

F12.5-632.2 12.5 mm optical filter. 632.8 nm, +2.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F25-632.8 25 mm optical filter. 632.8 nm, +2.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F12.5-635 12.5 mm optical filter. 635 nm, +5.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F25-635 25 mm optical filter. 635 nm, +5.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F12.5-670 12.5 mm optical filter. 670 nm, +3.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F25-670 25 mm optical filter. 670 nm, +3.0/-0 nm.
FWHM 10 + 2 nm. 50% transmittance

F12.5-HA 12.5 mm Blank Filter Holder Adapter

F25-HA 25 mm Blank Filter Holder Adapter

CA-DB9MM-5 5 foot molded cable. DB9 connector

CA-SC10FR-3 3 foot ribbon cable. 10 pin socket connector.

PS-3 Post and Stand




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