OT-100 High Speed Position Sensing Amplifier


The OT-100 High Speed Position Sensing Module contains a fully packaged SiTek Electro Optics Signal Processing Circuit (SPC) in a convenient and durable package. The OT-100 is designed to output bipolar voltages representing the position and intensity of a light spot on the PSD at bandwidths of up to 400 kHz. BNC outputs allow simple and fast connection to voltmeters and oscilloscopes. Banana jacks are provided for easy connection to most common power supplies. Plug and play connection to PSM modules and PSDs are made via the DB9 input and supplied DB9 cable.


  • DC to 400 kHz bandwidth response
  • Dynamic range 25 to 300 µW (635 nm)
  • BNC output voltages: Amplified X1, X2, Y1 and Y2
  • Differential X and Y
  • SUM X and Y
  • Adjustable SUM and differential offsets
  • ± 15 volt input (nominal)
  • DB9 PSM input (cable included)
  • Compatible with silicon linear and silicon duolateral PSDs


Transimpedance gain (V/A) 10 5 Bandwidth DC- 400 kHz
Input voltage (max) ±18 V Slew rate 13 V/S
Input voltage (nominal) ±15 V Voltage input connectors 4mm banana
Input current (max 23 mA Output connectors BNC (f)
Output voltage (nominal) ±12V PSD input connector DB9 (f)
Output noise 3 mV p-p Weight 24 ounces