On-Trak Photonics Inc.

On-Trak Photonics Corporation, manufactures and distributes high-end position sensing and laser alignment measurement equipment for the aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industries, as well as laser alignment equipment used for escalator alignment, steam turbine alignment, rail alignment, track alignment and nuclear accelerator alignment.

All of On-Trak Photonics' equipment uses position sensing detector (PSD) technology, to provide the most accurate, non-contact measurements of position, distance, motion and vibration possible. This gives builders the precision accuracy and the confidence they need in mission-critical and everyday industrial fabrication and construction.

On-Trak Photonics Corporation, is an industry leader in manufacturing laser alignment equipment and our laser technology has long been used by Boeing Aircraft Company for alignments during its wing and fuselage assembly as well as other assembly processes. On Trak's technology is also being used by the U.S. Navy for the alignment of struts and shafts in the propeller systems of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.


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