Optical Vs Laser In Propulsion Shaft Alignment

Proper alignment of the propulsion shaft, as well as that of the stern tube, in any ship is of vital importance. The propulsion shaft alignment process must find the precise center-line and also allow for hogging and deflection (sag) before and after launch. Anything outside allowable tolerances can result in excessive vibration and even failure of tube system bearings, seals or in severe cases, the entire propulsion system.

Using a laser alignment system, propulsion shaft bearings can be set to within + 0.001" of a collinear line extending from the output shaft. Once the center line is established, pre-calculated bearing adjustments can be made to compensate for any sag or hogging that may occur after launch.

We highly recommend not taking any chances and get any propulsion shaft alignment done right the first time, by using a laser alignment system to do the job.

You can find out more about which one of On-Trak Photonic's laser alignment systems is right for your application by contacting us or checking out the resources on our website.

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