Commercial Usage of Position Sensing Detectors

A position sensing detector, or PSD, is a device used in a building and manufacturing process that gives extremely accurate non-contact measurements of position, distance, motion and vibration, often over very long distances.

Position sensing detectors are used in mission-critical manufacturing processes such as airplane assembly, shipbuilding and automotive assembly as well as other applications.

In aircraft and helicopter assembly, position sensing detectors are used in fuselage alignment, tool and assembly fixture alignment, seat track alignment, hinge alignment, wing assembly alignment and even stow bin alignment. In helicopter manufacturing, position sensing detectors are used for helicopter tail boom alignment and tail rotor shaft alignment.

In shipbuilding, position sensing detectors are used in the mission-critical process of propeller shaft alignment and the steam catapult alignment during the building of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers as well as propeller shaft alignment in building other ships.

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