Using Lasers In Machine Tool Alignment

Correct machine tool alignment is essential for prolonging the life and increasing the efficiency of expensive industrial machinery. Despite this, many companies are deterred from performing regular machine tool calibration and alignment because the manual process is so time-consuming.

Use of laser alignment has revolutionized this process, allowing it to be performed both more quickly (up to 70% faster) and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Both straight line and rotating laser alignment systems can be used for this application, with various resolutions depending on your individual manufacturing requirements. In addition to prolonging the lifespan of machinery, correct calibration and alignment will allow production of higher quality products, reducing scrap rates and improving profitability.

We have numerous models of line and rotating laser alignment systems available and will be glad to help you determine which one is right for your specific application or needs.

You can find out more about which one of On-Trak Photonic's laser alignment systems is right for your application by contacting us or checking out the resources on our website.

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