Use And Application Of A Laser Tracker

A laser tracker is an instrument which is used for measuring the three-dimensional aspects of large objects during the manufacturing process or for alignment purposes in large industrial machinery.

Laser trackers are commonly used in the aircraft industry to align aircraft wings during the manufacturing process as well as in the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

A laser tracker works by, as its name implies, tracking the laser beam along the three-dimensional shape of an object to numerous retroreflectors placed at various points along the object. The retroreflector reflects the beam back to the laser tracker which is then able to track the position or deviation. A laser tracker is accurate to 0.001 inch at up to 5 meters and can accurately measure object features up-close or as far away as 35 meters.

The main advantages of laser reflectors are their accuracy, their speed of use and the fact they can typically be operated by one person.


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