Using Lasers For Rail Alignment

The railroad industry is a critical part of the infrastructure of cities and countries everywhere the world. Entire economies and populations depend upon the massive amounts of goods, products and materials that are being transported daily by rail, as well as the human transportation provided. In many urban corridors and areas, and even in the undeveloped areas of some countries, people depend heavily on the train to get them where they need to go.

All railroads must be continuously assessed to ensure that rails are maintained in perfect alignment. Any deviation of rails could have disastrous and potentially fatal consequences for railroad operators, their customers and innocent bystanders, so an accurate, rapid method of rail measurement and alignment is critical.

Laser alignment is ideal for this task and is used in both constructing and maintaining railroad systems. A typical laser alignment system for rail alignment measures both horizontal and vertical alignment, ensuring railroads continue to function both efficiently and safely.

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